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Glorify Spa in Santa Ana, CA is proud to offer Venus Versa! Using cutting-edge technology, Venus Versa offers non-surgical solutions for today's most in-demand aesthetic concerns, including premature signs of aging, acne, unwanted hair, skin damage and uneven texture, and wrinkles.



Venus Versa treatments are effective in:

  • Photofacials

  • Acne clearance

  • Hair removal

  • Skin resurfacing


Many of us have at least one thing we don’t like about ourselves. If that one thing for you is facial redness, pigmented dark spots, fine lines or the size of your pores, we here at Glorify Spa have good news – our IPL photofacial treatment can help alleviate all of those common skin issues.

> Learn more about Photofacials


Contrary to what a lot of people think, acne is not limited to just adolescence. In fact, many people struggle with acne on the face and body well into their adult life. Unfortunately, acne continues to be one of the most common skin care problems doctors see. Venus Concept's dual-light acne treatments work to heal existing acne-related inflammation, while also destroying acne-causing bacteria to minimize future breakouts.
> Learn more about our Acne Clearance treatments



Unwelcome hair growth is a source of embarrassment for both men and women. Shaving and depilatory creams might seem like an easy fix, but they just get rid of the hair at the surface; not to mention the risk of cuts and ingrown hairs. Venus Versa™ is transforming hair removal by using Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulse™ technology to safely reduce unwanted hair growth on the face and body with virtually no pain and no downtime.
> Learn more about IPL Hair Removal



Venus Versa™ skin resurfacing treatments combine two cutting-edge technologies: NanoFractional RF™ and SmartScan™. The two work together to cover a greater surface area and treat multiple concerns at once with varying intensity, depending on your individual treatment needs.Reduces acne scars, traumatic scars, stretch marks, rosacea, dyschromia, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

> Learn more about Skin Resurfacing



Using three applicators with distinct modes of action, TriBella™ is the synergistic fusion of three unique technologies for unparalleled outcomes. TriBella™ is the ultimate facial rejuvenation treatment that simultaneously enhances tone, tightness, and texture.

> Learn more about TriBella

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